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21 Grams helps companies reduce their postage costs, improve control, and simplify workflow for producing and sending out mail. Our services offer real time postage optimisation, joint enveloping, and postage invoice verification; ensuring the lowest cost for each mailing run, with increased quality - we call it "Postal Management"
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The Company

21 Grams offers postal management to corporate customers by leveraging its technology leadership in postal optimisation, in combination with its unique set of knowledge and experience of post, print and document management software. The Company's offering allows customers to outsource their non-core production of bulk mailings, simplify their communication processes and to significantly reduce postage expenses by exploiting savings opportunities on deregulated postage markets.

It is planned that by 2013 all European postal markets will be deregulated. 21 Grams' vision is that we will soon buy postal services as we buy telecom services today. The Company aims to become a leading European player within postal management in this deregulated European postal market.

21 Grams was founded in October 2004 by Stefan Blomqvist, previously CMO and head of Europe at software company StreamServe, and a management team with extensive experience from executive positions in the postal, printing and document management software industries. This team included Kaj Peterson, formerly head of Swedish Post's hybrid print and post service ("eBrev"). Since winning its first contract in December 2004, the Company has developed the technology platform and has successfully introduced the concept of postage optimisation on the Swedish and UK market.

The strategy has been to use the Swedish market, having at one time been the only deregulated postal market in Europe, as a testing ground and springboard for a large-scale international expansion as more European markets get deregulated.

21 Grams Limited established a direct channel presence in the United Kingdom in November 2008 to leverage the UK deregulated domestic and International postal markets. In 2011, 21 Grams Limited revised their go to market strategy and introduced an indirect channel to cover the UK and Ireland. PostStream Limited were subsequently appointed exclusive distributor for iSORT software and services to cover the markets in the UK and Ireland.


21Grams CEO VP Business Development Regional Director Nordic 21Grams CFO 21Grams CTO 21Grams R&D
Stefan Blomqvist, CEO Kaj Peterson, VP Business Development Anders Ivarsson, Regional Director Nordic Ann-Charlotte Aune, CFO Christer Fagerström, CTO Markus Fredholm, R & D

Board of Directors

21Grams Chairman 21Grams Director 21Grams Director 21Grams Director 21Grams Director 21Grams CEO
Jonus Bartholdson, Chairman Henrik Sund Agne Pettersson Martin Falkevall Peder Holm Stefan Blomqvist, CEO