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21 Grams helps companies reduce their postage costs, improve control, and simplify workflow for producing and sending out mail. Our services offer real time postage optimisation, joint enveloping, and postage invoice verification; ensuring the lowest cost for each mailing run, with increased quality - we call it "Postal Management"
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POSTStream® Optimisation Trial recent results

We can quickly verify what kind of savings we can generate for your postage costs. Simply submit a sample of files of all the postcodes from within your daily or ad-hoc mail files (only using postcode data means there is no breach of data protection) into our POSTStream optimisation trial.

Here are two recent POSTStream Optimisation Trial examples of how the postal optimisation savings work in practice:

Example 1: our POSTStream optimisation trial for a large financial services company identified gross annual savings of £400,000 (3%) for their transactional postage costs – the savings benchmark used was their currently negotiated pricing with their DSA Postal operator.

Example 2: our POSTStream optimisation trial conducted for a Government Department identified gross annual savings for their transactional postage costs of £225,000 (10%) - the savings benchmark used was their current postal operator, Royal Mail Retail.

Volkswagen Finance

Finance and leasing company Volkswagen Finance's decision to outsource their customer mailing runs has meant savings of more than a half million Swedish Kroner (SEK) per year - the transition required minimal effort from Volkswagen Finance to complete.

A business like this creates the need for constant dialogue with customers - everything from posted invoices to reminders or information on newly available services. In total, Volkswagen Finance sends out more than one million items every year based on approximately 80,000 contracts - "With 21 Grams, we have found a supplier that we can grow with fast, without our postal costs soaring," says Ulrik Persson, VW Finance (Sweden).

Before the changeover to 21 Grams, Volkswagen Finance's yearly cost for printing and postage was SEK 4 million. Today, those costs have been reduced dramatically. On postage alone, Volkswagen Finance saves approximately SEK 400,000 (GBP 34,800) a year. Savings of up to SEK 140,000 (GBP 12,250) per year are made on printing - this is accomplished by using one of 21 Gram's preferred POSTStream® Consolidation suppliers.

All in all, this has meant savings of just over SEK 500,000 (GBP 43,500) a year, when postage and printing savings are both combined.

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