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21 Grams helps companies reduce their postage costs, improve control, and simplify workflow for producing and sending out mail. Our services offer real time postage optimisation, joint enveloping, and postage invoice verification; ensuring the lowest cost for each mailing run, with increased quality - we call it "Postal Management"
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17 August 2010 21Grams win 2010 Customer Service World Mail Award
04 August 2010 21Grams Postal News Autumn Issue
19 July 2010 21Grams Signs Royal Mail Internatinoal Chorus Agreement
22 May 2010 21Grams support Xplor at Ipex 2010
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Headline: Award winning innovation creates significant postal savings for business users

Summary: 21Grams - World Mail award winner for technology 2008 - uses its iSort product to reduce business postal bills by up to 30%.  After 4 years of trading it now manages 10% of all mail in Sweden and is set to bring the same benefits to UK businesses.

On the 1st January 2006 POSTCOMM opened up the UK postal market to competition.  New postal operators and new products came to the market, and the evolution continues with new operators continually emerging, and the de-regulated landscape providing an environment for innovation and creativity as suppliers and customers alike search for that competitive edge.

One such opportunity has been seized by 21grams, whose iSort product utilises the commercial offerings from the various postal operators and optimises the mail on a day by day basis to minimise postal costs by splitting a particular day's posting the most cost effective way between the different postal operators and tariffs available at that time.

iSort is a 'soft' solution that sits in the mail creation process and sorts the mail electronically into the cheapest solution before its sent to the printer. Then it simply comes off the printers and inserting machines in the correct order and is ready for the post.

iSort is already a huge success in its home country of Sweden, and Swedish business is benefiting with optimised and cheaper mail on a day by day basis. Currently 10% of all Swedish mail goes through iSort today.

iSort beat 74 other technical innovative products in the mail industry this year to win the World Mail technology award in Budapest in May.  As well as the Swedish and UK home markets,  iSort is being released into the German and Dutch home markets in 2009. There is also an international product for optimising overseas mail going to multiple overseas markets.

21Grams are currently offering free analysis of mailing lists to businesses to allow them to benchmark their costs against the various UK postal solutions and to show just how cheap post really could be using this technology. Postal discounts and cheap business mail are the order of the day for every business in the current economic climate.

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