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- Completely Systems Integrator, Print & Postal operator agnostic
21 Grams helps companies reduce their communications distribution costs through consulting services that recommend alternative communication channel strategies, customer communication design strategies, and real-time postal service selection and optimisation strategies to reduce costs
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POSTStream® Consulting services

Our range of POSTStream postal management services are completely impartial of IS, Print & Postal operators thereby we are able to provide you with a truly independent service offering. This is also reflected within our POSTStream Consulting services which enable 21 Grams to remain entirely unbiased in any recommendations we are able to present.

With our team of experienced consultants we can help create a solid business case to help your organisation better understand, optimise and manage your on-going postal commitments. Whatever your company strategy is for reducing distribution costs for your customer communications we can work with your Information systems (IS) provider, your print & mail provider and your postal operators to enable better control and management of your distribution cost reduction strategy.

We are able to provide Consulting services relating to business process optimisation, consolidation, distribution and administration of your postal costs. In fact, 21 Grams won the coveted 2010 Customer Service World Mail Award for it's C/O administration service - postage cost control end to end.

Engaging with our consulting services gives your corporation access to an extremely experienced group of document consultants covering wide ranging areas of competence & engagement models, both in terms of subject matter and contract flexibility.

Customer communication optimisation

Optimisation of the customer communication business process requires a broad mix of experience & understanding that covers many aspects of a business transactional document process, which we can provide in assisting technology and / or service providers, or corporations to apply to a corporate document strategy or program.

Document Tracking

Process visibility and control is a key requirement in delivering transactional document production and we can provide independent consulting services to help establish or review any transactional document tracking project / program your corporation may have planned for now or in the future.

Postal optimisation

As post is still a significant, albeit reducing, communication delivery channel we are able to offer up to-date and experienced consulting services to optimise the postal budgets your corporation may be responsible for.
Being independent of all the hardware and software technology providers, as well as postal carriers, we can offer a truly un-biased postal optimisation consulting service to either a managed service provider, or a corporation's bid (in-source or out-source) for the transactional document business process.

Transactional operational process workflow

We have access to software, hardware and operational process workflow consultants experienced in the transactional production print and mail environment. These services concentrate on the productivity & integrity of the transactional document process and ensuring that it is effectively balanced between the operational, business and channel delivery requirements.

Transactional Software Technology evaluation

We are able to work with your organisation and provide consulting services to enable you to reduce the time to evaluate and then assist in the selection of a short list for transactional software for your document production business process. We cover either high volume and / or distributed document production business processes in the evaluation consulting service.

Physical to digital migration

We can provide consulting services to help either technology and / or service providers, or corporations to develop a strategic plan to migrate customer communications from predominant physical document delivery, using postal services, onto a strategic focused plan to increase the electronic document delivery thereby reducing overall delivery costs.

Enterprise B2C & B2B
Corporations with a mixed customer base of both end consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B) can benefit from our experience in developing strategies that reflect the differing adoption rates and attitudes toward both electronic and multi channel communication delivery.

Changing attitudes of small to medium enterprises to embrace the world of combining both a physical and electronic customer communication delivery strategy is a challenge we can help technology and / or service providers address through our consulting services.

Program management

We have expertise in providing experienced program management consulting services to a company that is either investigating the option to out-source or reviewing/replacing an incumbent out-source provider of the Transactional document production process.