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21 Grams helps companies reduce their postage costs, improve control, and simplify workflow for producing and sending out mail. Our services offer real time postage optimisation, joint enveloping, and postage invoice verification; ensuring the lowest cost for each mailing run, with increased quality - we call it "Postal Management"
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17 August 2010 21Grams win 2010 Customer Service World Mail Award
04 August 2010 21Grams Postal News Autumn Issue
19 July 2010 21Grams Signs Royal Mail Internatinoal Chorus Agreement
22 May 2010 21Grams support Xplor at Ipex 2010
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Postal Changes Seminar 2010

21Grams hosted the Postal Changes Seminar on Tuesday, 20th April 2010 at the Phoenix Centre, London WC1X 0DG - this was an overview of the impact of recent 2010 postal service changes in the UK de-regulated postal market and how 21Grams could assist your organisation navigate successfully through them.

Navigate successfully through the 2010 postal changes

21Grams provided an insight into delivering real-time postal service selection, sortation, reporting and management within corporate mail creation processes- maximising the effectiveness of postage cost reduction strategies, irrespective of where organisations are along the postage savings evolution.

We had Postal industry leaders from Royal Mail Wholesale and DX Group speaking on the postal services available in 2010, along with presenting a UK Energy company's experience of delivering postal management as part of a major system rollout project.

After 21Grams' view of the market in 2010 there was a Panel discussion that enabled the audience to put their questions on the broad topic of "Future direction for the UK deregulated postal market - what is next?"

navigate the changes

Presentations given at the Postal Changes Seminar