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17 August 2010 21Grams win 2010 Customer Service World Mail Award
04 August 2010 21Grams Postal News Autumn Issue
19 July 2010 21Grams Signs Royal Mail Internatinoal Chorus Agreement
22 May 2010 21Grams support Xplor at Ipex 2010
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Headline: 21 Grams, the UK postal management company, signed as Royal Mail International Chorus Wholesaler

Summary: 21 Grams Limited and Royal Mail International, have signed a Chorus Agreement to enable access to Royal Mail International's robust, world class international network to 21 Grams' customers & prospects as a wholesaler.

21 Grams is extremely pleased to announce the signing of a Chorus agreement between 21 Grams Limited, a postal management company, and Royal Mail International; 21 Grams are now able to offer more comprehensive UK international mail services to 21 Grams' customers and prospects.

21 Grams offer managed outsourced print & mail services to Global and Pan-European customers from 21 Grams' operations in Sweden and the UK. 21 Grams offer both domestic and international mail services, and are now able to offer the robust, world class Royal Mail International network of international mail services.

21 Grams' POSTStream® managed print & mail services uses the 21 Grams iSortT system software and a network of appointed POSTStream® print & mail providers to take full advantage of optimising each mailing run for both domestic and international mail. This optimisation ensures that 21 Grams' customers always pay the lowest cost for each mailing run without impacting production timelines.

Royal Mail International are the UK's leading International Mail Carrier, holding global influence in the international market, and are a key player within the Universal Postal Union. They provide market leading quality of service and are the only UK international mail provider that are independently measured for service levels - they exceed their delivery aims and those of it's customers.

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