real time postage selection and sortation
Simpler and less expensive postal services
- POSTStream® services incorporating iSortTM for UK and International postage
21 Grams helps companies reduce their postage costs, improve control, and simplify workflow for producing and sending out mail. Our services offer real time postage optimisation, joint enveloping, and postage invoice verification; ensuring the lowest cost for each mailing run, with increased quality - we call it "Postal Management"
PostStream® postal management
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17 August 2010 21Grams win 2010 Customer Service World Mail Award
04 August 2010 21Grams Postal News Autumn Issue
19 July 2010 21Grams Signs Royal Mail Internatinoal Chorus Agreement
22 May 2010 21Grams support Xplor at Ipex 2010
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Xplor seminars at Ipex 2010!

Xplor UK & Ireland participated in Ipex 2010 with three days of valuable seminars! These complimentary education sessions featured industry experts, leading-edge users, analysts, and vendors who shared information, experiences, and solutions on the latest technologies, strategies, and thought leadership for the digital document industry.

The educational content and knowledge-sharing among the speakers and attendees was valuable for all.

Saturday - Cross-media marketing channels for business

Pat McGrew edp, Kodak
Multi-channel magic: using integrated customer communication to rocket revenue

Tony Edwards, 21 Grams Limited
Optimising customer communications

Scott Baker, GMC Software Technology
Application trends in customer communications: multi-channel and social media

Kenneth Renko, Pitney Bowes DMT
Bringing the benefits of production print & mail to office volumes and alternative channels

Sunday - Future trends in digital document communications

Jason Russell, InfoTrends Ltd
Integrating paper and pixels: discovering the value of augmented reality, QR codes, & digital migration

Bill Parker, GMC Software Technology
Integrating paper and pixels: discovering the value of augmented reality, QR codes, and digital imigration

Pat McGrew edp, Kodak
Integrating paper and pixels: using your data mine without violating privacy

John Beer, Pingar NZ and UK
Personalised dynamic publishing in search and knowledge extraction

Monday - TransPromo-the current state of affairs

Frank Romano edp, Professor Emeritus, RIT
Perspectives on print in a multi-channel world

Lesley Figenschou, DST Output Ltd
TransPromo tools and processes in relation to sector implementations

Giles Hill, Sefas Innovations Limited and Neil Matthews, DST Output Ltd
The easy road to TransPromo: from data to document to doorstep-quickly, easily, and cost effectively

James Shand edp, TriPartum Limited
All is not gold with TransPromo!

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